Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

Well it’s here…2023 and I can’t believe it. With a new year comes a new season of fresh styles! It’s hard to keep up with the trends….we know! But not to worry, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve taken a look at the Spring/Summer 2023 trends and gathered some of the top trends for this season.

Cargo everything is hot for S/S 2023! If there’s one thing to invest in this spring, it’s cargo pants! They are a great replacement for your favorite denim. While cargo's are thought to have a more rugged look, cargo can fit in your wardrobe no matter what your style.

Tassels and fringe are still with us in 2023. Fringe gives clothing added depth and movement. For a more casual take on this trend, look for pieces that are lightly tasseled or fringed. A tasseled beach cover-up will be perfect this spring and summer and elevate your beach or poolside look!

Lace and laser cutouts are perfect for warm weather and will be in focus in 2023. The detailing and somewhat edgyness of these fabrics makes them ideal for evening events and special occasions.

Spring/Summer 2023 sportswear will guarantee you’ll look great and feel comfortable in one stylish step! Make no mistake..while the look is relaxed it is still more polished than throwing on old leggings and your favorite hoodie.

Ruffles are a fun way to make a statement. This season go as big or small with your ruffles as you are comfortable with. If big ruffles scare you, then opt for pieces with smaller ruffle detailed like blouses or skirt hems.

Florals are a spring and summer timeless trend, but this year's florals are going large scale. Skip the ditsy prints and go for the big oversized floral patterns this season.

Lastly, one trend that may not be for everyone is the return of the bubble hem. This can be a fun addition to your 2023 wardrobe. To ensure proper proportion balance, make sure you wear with a fitted, tucked in top.

Pastels are always a spring and summer trend; however, this year you’ll see more baby blue and purple hues. If you are stilling loving Barbiecore, you’ll be happy to know pink is predicted to continue into 2023.

As we begin our S/S buying, we'll try to incorporate as many of these trends as possible to provide you with several options.

However, REMEMBER, following trends doesn't mean losing your personal style! Our goal, at Coastal Loft, is to inspire our customers to put their best selves forward every day by accenting their personal style. Trends should be additions to your style, not the focal point. You create your own look through how you put an outfit together. One thing to remember as new trends arise is that the beauty of fashion is its freedom. In other words, have fun with trends, but be YOU!




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