Packing For Vacation

Spring break is almost upon us!

Whether you’re planning a road trip, hopping on a plane or taking just taking a weekend away, it’s time to start thinking about what outfits you are going to wear on your vacation. Some of us are seasoned travelers and others…maybe not so much. For those of us in the “not so much” group, planning and packing your travel outfits can be daunting. 

To ease that overwhelming feeling, we’ve put together some outfits and ideas that we feel will have you packed and ready in no time!!

I have to start this conversation by saying there’s a bit of irony in my giving packing advice, as I tend to be a notorious overpacker! To ensure everything fits in my suitcase, my approach to packing is as strategic as a chess game. 😂 I’m the one who’s always “sweating bullets” in the airport when they put my suitcase on the weight machine! But here we go.....

This is a given but we should start by saying that the clothing you’ll need depends on where you’re traveling. Generally, when traveling, we need outfits for daily activity, outfits for any special excursions such as a beach or water adventures and outfits for evening events.

If you are going to a warmer climate, then pieces such as shorts, tanks, rompers or jersey knit dresses are perfect for daily activities. The beauty of rompers is that it's an instant outfit....JUST ADD WATER! LOL! In addition, comfort is key! You can’t go wrong with these affordable, comfy yet chic pieces that'll also keep you cool as well.



These wonderfully warm climates also require outfits for a day on the beach or pool or a fun catamaran or tiki tour. Shew! That sounds amazing right now, doesn't it?! This generally includes a bathing suit and cover-up. How cute are these button down shirts as cover-ups?


Or make a statement wearing one of these dresses as a cover-up. All of these serve a dual purpose - wear as a cover-up but you can also wear the during day and to dinner – all making your packing easier and lighter!


Lastly, those tropical nights, dining alfresco, are perfect for a beautiful halter or cut-out dress. If those styles aren’t for you, then a sundress or simple yet chic tiered dress would be perfect.


Now, if your destination is taking you to a cooler climate, and it includes outdoor activities such as hiking, you’ll want to layer your pieces. Tanks under sweaters or hoodies and jeans are your best bet. But, don’t forget your beanie, scarf, slipper socks and comfy loungewear for those nights by a warm fire.


Now that you’ve got your outfits planned out it’s time to start packing toiletries. This can also be unnerving because you want to make sure you have what you need but also don’t want to have to pack the entire medicine cabinet! We recommend you start with finding trial sizes of the products you use or if trial sizes are not available, invest in trial sized re-fillable bottles. Then using several toiletry bags, organize your toiletries by function such as makeup, hair, body, medications, beach, etc.

Finally, we cannot forget other travel must haves such as are electronic device chargers, ear buds, sunglasses, etc. Our adorable checkered pattern toiletry bags are perfect for travel and can hold all your toiletries and necessities! 

Vacations are the perfect time to play with a style or trend and have fun with it! Here at Coastal Loft we hope that our spring break vacation inspired outfits and ideas inspire you to try something new. If you'd like to see more items that are warm weather travel perfect, check out our Warm Weather Getaway Collection.

We know it can be hard to plan vacation outfits and decide what to pack, so we hope that in this blog, you’ve found something that you love or something will make your trip a bit more enjoyable!

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