Dress Unapologetically

This is bit of a vulnerable post.

Something happened to me recently and I wanted to share it with you because I’m hoping my experience can help or influence others.

I recently purchased a long velvet duster that I truly loved but also knew it was an extremely different style especially for where I live.  

As I was getting ready for “date night”, I decided I was going to wear my new piece. In the comfort of my bedroom, with my outfit “pulled together”, I checked my final result in the mirror and was loving the look, how I styled it and overall, felt good about how it looked. 

However, that feeling quickly subsided when we arrived at the restaurant and were waiting for our table. As we waited, I noticed two ladies looking me up and down. I immediately started fidgeting with my outfit and feeling very self-conscious. After we were seated, I told my husband about what I saw and how I was feeling. He immediately asked “Do you like the jacket?” I replied “Yes” And he replied “Then why do you care if someone was looking at you. They didn’t talk to you, so they could have been thinking, "Wow!", she looks good. You honestly don’t know. And honestly, why do you care? If you like it, then that’s all that matters.” 

I love fashion - I love styling clothing - I always have and for me I when I feel like I look good - I feel good.  When I’m styled right, I feel like I’ve got more confidence. And I think that’s what fashion, clothes and trends are supposed to do.

We generally have a standard style or way we dress that we are comfortable with. We want to look and feel our best. Clothes and style are a form of self expression; however, both will change and evolve throughout our lives. Mine has definitely changed as I’ve gotten older and I feel I’m finally finding my true style. These changes and stepping out of a style or fashion comfort zone can often cause fashion anxiety.

Many of us probably look at others who dress differently and think I wish I had their confidence. Truth is they too have dealt with fashion anxiety. 

We cannot control what others think and no matter what you wear there will always be someone who might have thoughts about your outfit. You could wear the most popular or most plain outfit in the world and it’s almost a guarantee that someone will have a thought about it whether it be positive or negative. So, if that’s the case, you might as well wear what you want, right?!

So when someone says, I wish I could pull something like that off or I would love to try a trend like that. My response is why can’t you. I get it. It’s definitely easier said than done and I totally understand that. I think we all have our own insecurities. I know I myself have a number of things that I am insecure about in myself.

I’ve bought many items that I loved and never ended up wearing them because I didn’t know if somebody would be like, "Oh my gosh what are you wearing?" or something like that.

I think creating and growing the boutique has taught me to truly not dwell on what others might think and has definitely helped my self-confidence and my wearing what I want to wear. If I like it and buy it, then, I’m going to wear it.

When I worry about what others might say, I say to myself "Well do you like it? Then that’s all that matters." Again, easier said than done but, I want to make sure all of you can experience and/or feel this same confidence to try whatever trend or style you want. Maybe you don’t like a trend and you don’t want to try and that's perfectly fine because not every trend is for everybody. But if there’s something you think is cute, might make you feel good, would make you feel you look good, then go ahead and try it. We deserve to wear what makes us happy and feel fantastic.

You ALL have been such an amazing community and have boosted my confidence in the almost 3 years since I started the boutique. I’m way more confident now then when I started all this. And I want to make sure you all feel the same way and that those of you that follow me and Coastal Loft is because you are inspired to elevate your look or your wardrobe or get different ideas for your outfits whether it’s for work, a casual weekend, travel or just lounging around home. I always appreciate you all being here and hope I give you the confidence you need to step out of your fashion comfort zone. So, if you are in the situation where clothing and/or style self-doubts are creeping in as you step out of your comfort zone, I want you to know you can do it!

Have no regrets and dress unapologetically!



(P.S. Sorry for the blurry pic. I asked the hubs to take my pic and that is what I got! LOL!! I'm guessing a number of you can relate when asking hubby to take your pic)

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Bonnie! Thank you!! Love this and you! Keep rockin’ you and your style!!


You look absolutely gorgeous sometimes living in lower slower Sussex county we think jeans and carheart is all there is. I myself love fashion and sometimes self conscious about what I’m wearing but I’m also at the age where I don’t really care what they think if I feel good about what I’m wearing that’s all that matters and if I get a you look good from hubby life is good ❤️

Bonnie Mason

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