2023 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

Warm days will soon be here!

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to wearing less bulky clothing! In my opinion, each season has its beauty, but there is just something special about the warm weather and the spring/summer clothing. Sundresses, shorts, tanks….you get the picture.  

Each season I go through my closet to do a quick inventory of what I have, what I can donate and what I need for the coming season. As you prepare for warmer weather and look at your closet, does it leave you a bit un-inspired? It happens to all of us from time to time. As you inventory your closet, are you wondering, what do I need to invest in this season? When it comes to trends that will dominate this spring and summer season, there are many fun styles to choose from. In this blog, I have highlighted a few of the upcoming clothing and accessory trends to help you "freshen up" up your closet for spring and summer.

First up are sweaters. I know what you’re thinking…”Sweaters?!?! We just came out of sweater season!” What I'm referring to are spring sweaters. Spring sweaters are awesome because you get the style without the warmth of a typical winter sweater. Perfect for those cold offices that many of us work in! You’ll find spring sweaters as tank tops, loose weave cardigans or light knits which can be worn alone or layered over other tops. Stock your closet with one or two options and you’ll be ready when the temps start to rise. Our olive and ivory chenille sweater is the ideal spring sweater.

  The next trend is literally sheer delight! Excuse the pun. Sheer tops are lightweight and can take a basic piece and elevate it to chic, elegant, playful and even sexy! Warmer seasons are all about breathable, comfortable and cool fabrics but are also fresh and fun. Sheer pieces meet all the criteria and our off-white frayed texture top is no exception!

Another spring must have this year is a two piece set. A matching set is stylish and cool. Another bonus is that you can make multiple outfits out of them. Mix and match the top and/or bottom with other pieces in your closet and you instantly have a few new outfits. What’s better than that?

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking? LOL! We’ve all heard the iconic line from The Devil Wears Prada. But seriously, what is spring without florals? We all should have a few floral pieces in our closet. This year florals abound. From slit dresses, crop tops and midi dresses, florals will add whimsy and romance to any outfit. Coastal Loft's floral tops range from ditzy prints to large floral patterns and can be paired with a number of different colored bottoms....giving you multiple outfit options!


When it comes to the color of the season, neon brights are taking center stage this spring/summer season. Barbie pink is probably the most notable but green is starting to take first place. I think when we think of warm weather clothing we all think of bright hues. Bright bottoms with a neutral top are being seen in fashion circles. Feel daring? Try going with a monochrome look, both top and bottom in a bright hue. Spring and summer are the perfect time to dial up the color in your wardrobe, so have some fun with your look and incorporate a bright colored skirt, pant or pair of shorts.

All of the above are terrific additions to your closet, but maybe your closet is already spring ready or you’re looking for a more affordable way to update your wardrobe. Accessories such as jewelry, purses and belts can be one of the easiest ways to update a wardrobe. Spring 2023 contains playful and artistic accessory pieces that can certainly elevate your outfit.

Straw totes and woven bags seem to always be a spring and summer staple and this year they continue to be going strong. The difference this year is they are more structured and less slouchy than previous years. If you plan to add a woven bag to your wardrobe this year, make sure it is structured. On the other hand, other purses and bags are on the opposite end of the spectrum and are super-sized. According to fashion gurus, the bigger the better when it comes to making a statement with our bag.

Delicate jewelry has been popular for a number of years but is now giving way to chunky jewelry. Layering delicate jewelry has also been quite popular and that trend will continue using chunky pieces. I know many of you are thinking….ugh not a fan of chunky jewelry. But, I feel a good chunky piece can truly make an outfit. I think a good rule to follow with chunky jewelry is less is more. If chunky necklaces aren’t your thing, then maybe try a pair of chunky earrings or a chunky cuff bracelet.


Jewelry metals are also taking a turn. Gold toned jewelry has had the stage for some time now; however, silver tone jewelry in coming back in style.

Want to look current instantly this spring, stick on a corsage. Rosette’s are this season’s hottest and prettiest trend by far. You’ll see this trend in chokers, as a brooch or pin, on belts, on hats, shoes and even hair ties to name a few. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about this trend but I may invest in a minimal inexpensive piece and give it a try. Who knows…I may end up loving this trend.


Lastly, pearls are trending big this season. Who doesn't love pearls? Always a classic look but this season they are edgier. Gone is the classic round shape and in is a more irregular shaped pearl and pearls paired with other metals.

So, what will be your go-to addition for this season? I think I’m going to try several of these new trends. Admittedly, not all of these are my style, for instance, the super-sized bags. I'm 5' 3" and honestly feel that a large bag overpowers me and I literally feel like I'm toting a Samsonite. LOL! However, bright colors....now that's my vibe so that's at the top of my list, along with chunky jewelry!

As I've said before, we, at Coastal Loft, want you feel empowered by your style and to show up each day feeling confident and completely yourself! So, as you shop for your spring and summer wardrobe remember to look for pieces and accessories that best suit your style while taking note of the new trends. Then....get ready to shine this spring and summer season!


Marsha, Paige & Micki

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